8 Reasons Why You Need Removable Wallpaper

When you hear the word “wallpaper,” you might think of the overpowering florals your grandmother had or the stuff it took you f-o-r-e-v-e-r to scrape off the walls when you purchased your new home. But we’ve got good news for you in the form of beautiful wallpaper that’s easy to apply, easier to remove, and totally customizable. Removable wallpaper is our current design crush! Check out 8 reasons why you need it in your home.


1. Used on an accent wall, removable wallpaper adds personality without distracting from the rest of your décor.


2. Neutral spaces can sometimes appear bare. Removable wallpaper is a quick way to add warmth and complete a room.


3. Because it can be easily cut and applied without any professional help, removable wallpaper can be used on nearly any smooth surface. Add flair to your stairs with your favorite design!



4. Removable wallpaper helps you give the small spaces in your home the attention they deserve.



5. If you’re renting, removable wallpaper can cover up your “renter’s beige” walls and be easily taken down when you’re onto the next adventure.



6. As children grow, their interests change. Removable wallpaper is available in styles suited for everyone from newborns to grandparents and its easy application and removal mean you can switch things up as often as necessary.



7. We can’t think of an easier way to put color on the walls than with removable wallpaper.


8. Removable wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for layering all your favorite colors and patterns. And if you’re not into the layered boho look, it makes a statement all on its own.


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