7 Chores You Can Do From the Couch

Because sometimes it’s the only place you want to be after a long day. Turn your Netflix binge session into a productive evening on the couch by doing these seven chores without having to sacrifice any time on your comfy sofa.

1. Sort through your mail and toss the junk.
2. Wait for your floors to dry from being mopped or cleaned. (If you think this one is technically cheating, you’re not-so-technically right. But it seems like a pretty great reward for cleaning your floors to rest on the couch!)
3. Pay your bills online.
4. Plan your meals for the next week.
5. Squeeze in a workout.
6. Style your coffee table.
7. Use a handheld vacuum to get rid of crumbs, dust, and pet hair on the couch.



So go ahead, spend a night on that comfy couch. And take care of some business while you’re at it!