6 Types of Well-Styled Coffee Tables

They’re easy to overlook but a well-styled coffee table will do wonders for your living room. They’re the gallery walls of tables, giving you the chance to showcase a variety of both useful and playful things in a cohesive way. Steal some inspiration from these well-styled and functional coffee tables:


1. Oversized Multi-Level Coffee Table


If you have the space, an oversized coffee table works well to tie the room together and can be reached from nearly anywhere in the space.


2. Double Trouble Coffee Table


Another big space coffee table solution is to have two matching coffee or side tables side by side. It’s all the surface space of a bigger table without taking up too much space.




3. Glass Coffee Table


Glass coffee tables are awesome for a couple of reasons. Since they are clear, they take up less “visual space” in the room, making it seem bigger. Also, they’re totally timeless. A good glass coffee table can be used with nearly any style, making it a good investment piece.




4. Statement Coffee Table


Statement coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes but have one thing in common: they make brilliant conversation starters. Sometimes the best coffee table is one that shows your style in its design and these coffee tables do just that.




5. Minimalist Coffee Table


A smaller table doesn’t mean being small on style or design. If your space doesn’t allow for a bigger table, opt for a smaller one with clean lines to make the most of your space.



6. Vintage Trunk Coffee Table


When in doubt, go with a trunk coffee table. Vintage trunks have a lot of character, provide hidden storage, and are versatile enough to use with any style from glam to rustic.