6 Tips for Mixing Vintage with New

Vintage pieces and thrift finds give a lot of life and personality to a home. But finding ways to mix older finds with new purchases can be a hassle. Use these tips to blend the old with the new and create a fresh look in your home.


1. Find a happy balance of new and old.


Right Balance


Everyone has different taste and every space is different, making finding a balance between vintage and new a necessary decision. New items will be easier to find on short notice while thrifting vintage pieces often takes much more time, especially if there’s something specific you’re looking for.


2. Display items in a collection.


Classic Plate Collection


One of the biggest issues with vintage or thrifted décor is that it often looks discombobulated. Incorporating pieces that are part of a larger collection, like a group of plates, will tie a room together.


3. Repurpose, revamp, rethink.


Battery Rack Turned Coffee Holder


When buying something for your home, whether it’s new or old, think about how it will work in your home. Many vintage items can be used in innovative ways that work in your space. Whether it’s turning a thermos into a vase or an old battery rack into a coffee station, make vintage pieces look new by using them in fresh ways.


4. Make vintage frames your friend.


Vintage Frames


This is the easiest way to add a touch of vintage, the first baby step in creating a vintage modern mix in your home. if you’re not quite sure if you’re into the whole vintage look, frames are shockingly easy to disguise as new pieces. Use them around mirrors or place modern art and photos inside to get the best of both worlds.If you add one or 100, they’ll blend seamlessly with anything you own.


5. Share the wealth.


Vintage and Modern Home


If you plan on using more than a little vintage in your home, spread it out. Putting all your vintage finds, unless they are part of a specific collection, in one room will make it look like a tiny thrift shop. Incorporating it into every room in the home will give an overall look of cohesion.


6. Stick to the same time period or color scheme.


Stick to a Style


When shopping for vintage treasures, stay in the same era or color family to avoid clashing pieces and styles. A wool spindle from the 1800s will likely look out of place beside a poppy red lamp from the 1950s. The bottom line is that all purchases, even new ones, need a common denominator to avoid a “thrown together” style.


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