6 Reasons OSB Is Your New Best Decor Friend

You’ve heard us talk about adding texture to your spacemore than once, in fact. But a texture we’ve never considered before seeing these stunning photos is OSB. Oriented Strand Board, otherwise known as OSB, is a more cost-effective form of plywood. It could even be hiding in your home underneath your current flooring. If you’re looking to add some spunk on a budget to your space, don’t overlook OSB.

1. Though OSB has the appearance of layers and texture, it can be sanded and smoothed to make the perfect countertop.

2. In larger spaces, OSB makes for a statement floor, especially when topped with a high gloss sealer.


3. From floors to bookshelves to doors to walls, this modern space is an OSB-lover’s dream come true. And proof that OSB looks anything but cheap even though it’s incredibly affordable.


4. Take one OSB step at a time with a staircase topped with the textured plywood alternative.


5. It looks awesome in modern, industrial spaces.


6. But it works well in contemporary spots, too.

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