6 Glam Decor DIYs for Fall

It’s always the perfect time to bring some glam into your home but with the rich golden hues of leaves outside, fall is especially perfect for adding pizzazz. Check out these six ways to add a glamorous touch to your space.



1. Make a leaf garland.
Using leaves, glue, glitter, and ribbon, create a garland to make any space shine.


Leaf Garland



2. Build a copper magazine stand.
It’ll hold all those magazines you’ve been saving for a rainy (or cold) day and look polished.


Copper Magazine Stand



3. Add gleaming knobs and pulls.
Update the plain knobs that came on your furniture by replacing them with a few gems that pack a lot of punch for their size.


DIY Jewelry Cabinet Knobs



4. Put tassels on your coziest blanket.
Turn your beloved blanket into a glam spectacle by putting some tassels along the edges.


DIY Tassel Blanket



5. Glitter a pumpkin.
Instead of carving pumpkins this year, try glittering them instead. Coat each pumpkin with a layer of glue, sprinkle glitter, and let dry. To avoid having the glitter fall off, top it off with a clear sealant.


Glitter Gourds

Photo: Surround Yourself Magazine



6. Make a statement with a hula-hoop light fixture.
Using a few hoops, create a new light fixture even King Midas would appreciate.


How To Make A Hula Hoop Chandelier