5 Ways to Ward Off the Winter Blues at Home

Winter has many perks-the general merriment of the holidays, being able to stay in with no fear of being mistaken for a recluse, and good food that tastes even better in the cold weather. But winter is also known for being a gray time of the year that can sometimes leave you in a slump. Here are 5 ways to ward off the winter blues and grays in your home:


1. Add plants.


Garance Dore Plants


The bigger, the better. Plants are the quickest and easiest way to bring life into a room. Not only do they look great but they’re also the perfect size for filling those awkward, unused corners in your home that seem to attract dust.


2. Take on a paint job.


Yellow Trim


Since it’s winter and you’ll be inside anyway, go ahead and do something unexpected, like painting the trim in your home a bright color. Yellow is notoriously cheerful and can stave off the seasonal blues.


3. Put a blanket on it.


Gingham Throw Blanket


Is there anything more comforting than a warm blanket? We think not. Layer it on top of your bed to make the coziest spot in the house even more inviting.


4. Declare a new neutral.


Blue Green Wall


Pick your favorite color and declare it your home’s newest neutral by sprinkling it around the house. Even if it doesn’t perfectly match what’s in your home, the fresh change will keep you energized during the cold months. If you’re up for a more bold change, paint an entire wall.


5. Hang a citrus wreath.


Citrus Wreath


Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas and can be used all winter long. Citrus wreaths offer a pop of color and a clean scent that will ward off any bad winter vibes. Switch out the fruit on the wreath every couple of weeks to keep it looking fresh and smelling good.


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