5 Ways to Master the Layered Rug Look

Interior designers are all about drawing the eye up and making a room seem larger but recently we’ve been finding ourselves staring at the floor more often because of the layered rug look. If you’re not quite sure how to make this trend work in your home, try these 5 tips for mastering the look:


1. Jute rugs go with everything.


If you want to layer a bold rug, a neutral jute rug is the foolproof companion you’ve been looking for. They provide the perfect backdrop for any other rug that comes their way.






2. Stick to your color or pattern story.


Mixing patterns is a fun way to add personality to your home but one wrong move and your place becomes chaotic instead of eclectic. When layering patterned rugs, choose two with similar color palettes that flow with the rest of the room.





3. A good animal print rug serves as a neutral.


Layer an animal print rug on top of another one or let it be the base. Either way, they work well in nearly any scenario.





4. When the sizes of two rugs don’t mesh well, rotate one to mask it.


If you have two rugs that are too similar in size to really get the layered look, rotate one around until you can clearly see both rugs. It’ll hide the fact that they’re the same size, cover more floor space, and add some intrigue to your living quarters.




5. To cover more floor space, layer smaller rugs by side by side with a slight overlap.


You’ll literally cover more ground and will get the trendy look of layered rugs. Perfect for dining rooms and smaller spaces, putting rugs side by side is a creative way to add texture to a room.