5 Ways To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

If you have pets, then you “surround yourself” with love on a daily basis. So why not make your home or office a place that is just as lovely for your furry friends too? Animals are adorable, and their habitats should be comfortable to ensure a high-quality of life. These tips and ideas are sure to help make your home as pet-friendly as possible.


Pet Camera


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Family home surveillance cameras (e.g. baby monitors) aren’t only for kids anymore. Your dog or cat is practically your fur-baby too. Thanks to technology, keeping an eye on your pets while you’re away is easier than ever. They allow you to check in on your pet and spy on their behavior in addition to seeing how cute they are while your away. Pawbo is our top pick for best dog camera and is specificity built with pets in mind. It includes two-way audio to talk to your pet, a built-in laser chasing game, a treat dispenser, sound effects, and more!


Pet-Friendly Furniture


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Don’t let your sofa double as a scratching post or pee pad for your pets. A durable fabric like suede will ensure it will last the test of time and allow you and your dog or cat to enjoy the comfort of the couch equally. While leather is super efficient to clean, it can scratch and tear more easily. And neutral colors like seagrass or khaki are more forgiving on hair and such overtime.
On a budget? Use a blanket draped over a portion of the furniture and train your pup or kitty to understand that this is a “safe” zone by rewarding them with a treat when they hop into their spot. Is there a piece of furniture that they love but you wish they didn’t? There are some sprays and other deterrent products that are non-toxic, yet unappealing to your pet, encouraging them to seek a more welcoming spot.


Pet-Friendly Floors


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As pet-owners can attest to, pets shed and leave tracks so your home’s flooring type can make all the difference in the world. Although hardwoods are super attractive, they can scratch more often. So you might want to consider a more scuff-resistant material like laminate, stone or tile for the rooms they spend the most time.
And if you must have wood, choose one that’s harder, like oak or mahogany. Further, carpet and rugs can trap dirt and debris and show stains, so they’re not ideal. However, if you can’t afford to redo your floors, check out our recommended pet hair vacuums to suck up the excess fur and mop up the mess.


Pet Doors


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This is not necessary but if you have a fenced yard (or better yet a wireless dog fence), a nice bonus is to have a dog or cat accessible entry door. This added bonus allows your pet to come and go, letting them have unsupervised potty breaks when you’re away (or even when you’re busy around the house). Keep a cloth or doormat near their exit to help clean off debris and reduce muddy paw prints.


Pet Decor


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When it comes to decorating your home, adding a few pet-inspired accessories can be a fun way to show your love of your animal. Some fun ideas include porcelain or stone statues, custom paintings and personalized canvas prints and pillows. Of course, we love creating custom art of our pets!
You can do this too by simply selecting a beautiful photo of your pets to be transformed into a piece of custom art and shipped to your doorstep. What a great way to pay tribute to your furry friend. No matter your decor style, make sure that breakables, plants, blinds pulls, lamp and computer cords, trash bins, candy dishes, and other hazards are out of reach. It sounds silly, but put yourself on their level in each room to identify potential threats.


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