5 Unforgettable Thanksgiving Tablescapes

On Thanksgiving, there’s plenty to worry about—who will carve the turkey, how long the wine will last, if the peace between family members will hold out for the entire meal–but what the table looks like shouldn’t be on the list of things that stress you out. Since it can be set a day or two ahead of time, even with fresh flowers, getting the table ready for the big feast is the first step to a seamless day. Check out these five tables that your guests will love almost as much as the turkey.



1. What goes up must come down.


Classic Tablescape


What we love about this setup is that it uses the ceiling as part of the tablescape. If you’re expecting a big crowd, this is a great way make the room look bigger. String some seasonally-colored leaves from the ceiling to hang over the table and create a centerpiece without taking up precious space needed for plates, napkins, and drinks. If a hanging centerpiece isn’t enough, a small vase of flowers on the table will compliment it and leave room for all those buttery, homemade dishes.



2. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.


Bright Tablescape


With layers, patterns, colors, and textures galore, this bright table will keep your guests feeling energized long after the food coma sets in. It works because though there are a variety of different textures used, they are all equally bold. The fuchsia flowers match the cobalt blue of the planter and the leopard print in the table runner. No single item stands out but together, they work wonders.



3. Go out west.


Go West Tablescape

Photo: Surround Yourself Magazine


We’re into rethinking the traditional colors for Thanksgiving and this table does just that. Set up a western-inspired table using a blanket, striped dishes, and a couple of cacti. A purple and gray blanket serves double-duty as a table runner. Green plants and glasses bring earthy tones into the mix and the feather place cards add just a touch of shine.


4. Green with envy.


Garden Tablescape


This rustic table can be created using items picked up at the grocery store or farmer’s market. Because the greens can survive for days without water, you can put this easy centerpiece together way before the crowd arrives. Three seemingly simple things – a striped tablecloth, tray full of greens, and a few tealight candles – are nothing short of chic when placed together.



5. Go big or go home.


Pumpkin Tablescape


As much as we love a table decorated to the max, there’s something beautiful in the simplicity of this simple one. A handful of large pumpkins and candles make up a good portion of a perfectly picturesque tablescape that’s easy to replicate.