5 Trends We Loved at Spring 2017 High Point Market

The world’s largest furniture market is held practically in our Raleigh office’s backyard in High Point, North Carolina. High Point Market is an incredible place to see the latest and greatest in the design world, what trends are up and coming, and to get inspiration for the coming seasons. Check out five trends we noticed (and loved) at High Point Furniture Market:

1. Luxe mod

Mid-century modern isn’t going anywhere, but we did notice a rise in the more glam side of it all. Those clean and practical lines from mid-century modern furniture got some curve appeal and gold accents to go alongside them.

Luxe Mod

2. Moody dark walls with pastel accents

Pastels are often thought of as sweet and demure, with colors reminiscent of lemonade, cotton candy, and springtime. On the other hand, dark walls including navy, charcoal, or black can seem harsh. But together, the duo is dynamic and eye-catching. The stark dark walls paired with creamy pastel furniture and other accents are like taking a bite out of your favorite salty-and-sweet snack. In other words: perfection.

Pastel Bed With Dark Walls

3. Statement chandeliers

These aren’t your grandmother’s chandeliers. The light fixtures sweeping ceilings in the design world aren’t about what’s the glitziest or even what gives off the best light. These fixtures are more geared towards being art for the ceiling, not that they aren’t functional.

Tassel Chandelier


4. Bugs (seriously!)

The creepy crawlies you hate to see in your home are being let in, one fun design at a time. Pillows, wallpaper, and wall art are all featuring insects—beetles, ladybugs, spiders, etc.—in an innovative and playful way. Moral of High Point Market: insects are chic!

Laura Gunn


5. And llamas, too
For those of us who aren’t quite so keen on having bugs hanging on the wall, have no fear. Llama décor is here! Like the aforementioned bug décor, fun patterns are popping up in canvas prints, wallpaper, and sooooo much more.

Festival Llama I by Chariklia Zarris