5 Tips for Hosting in a Studio Apartment

You may not have a lot of room or rooms in your studio apartment but that doesn’t mean you can’t invite over a crowd. Whether you’re looking to host an intimate gathering or a full-on bash, try these tips to create the perfect small space for hosting.


1. Set up ample seating ahead of time.


Your space will feel even smaller if people are trying to move chairs around around to find a place to sit. Take a few minutes ahead of time and pull the dining room chairs over by the couch.



2. Think about the flow of the room.

Can guests go from grabbing a drink to getting a snack to finding a seat without much trouble? If not, rethink your setup.



3. Clear off as many surfaces as possible.


When you’re living in a small space, any amount of clutter can make it look messy and take up valuable space. Clear off tables, countertops, and sinks so that guests have a place to sit down their drinks and food.



4. Have a spot ready for coats, bags, and other stuff.


Keeping the floor and seating areas clear and uncluttered is a must for an intimate gathering in a small space. Make sure you have a system for where guests will put things while they’re over. The bed is a great spot for this, especially if you don’t want people sitting on it.



5. Open the curtains and blinds.


Even if your party is later in the evening, make sure the view outside is visible by leaving curtains, blinds, and doors (if you have a backyard or balcony) open. Being able to see more space, even if you can’t necessarily use it, will make your studio apartment feel bigger.