5 Things to Consider Before Buying Window Treatments

Lots of windows are the gift of architectural gods but figuring out just what to do with them is another story. Ask yourself these five questions to determine if you’re in the market for window treatments or if you can skip them:


1. How long will you be in your current space?


If your current space is temporary, you can save a pretty penny by skipping on the curtains or window treatments. Since windows literally come in all shapes and sizes, the curtains and blinds you use in one place will likely be tossed next time you move. If you must get window treatments for a short-term home, opt for more affordable ones.





2. Do you need the privacy?

Some rooms,including the bathroom, require more privacy than others. In these rooms, window coverings are a no brainer. But in others, like the living room or kitchen, the additional privacy isn’t always necessary.





3. Will they help cut utility costs?


Even at discount stores, the cost of window treatments can quickly add up. But if the initial cost of the window treatments will shave dollars off your utility bill, splurging will actually end up saving money and energy.





4. How much natural light does your space get?


Natural light does wonders for a home. Period. If your space gets limited natural light, adding window treatments will reduce it even more. On the other hand, if your space gets too much natural light, adding curtains and blinds will help manage it–making computer and TV screens easier to see. And while we appreciate a good sunrise, having no option but to wake up at dawn every day might be overkill.





5. Will window treatments block your view?


Beach and mountain homes or even apartments with scenic views don’t aesthetically need to be covered. If the view from your window is picturesque, skip the window treatments if at all possible. You’ll be much happier gazing out your window than you will be gazing at drapes.