5 Reasons Your Walls are the New Scrapbook

After a vacation or at the end of each year, you can spend a whole month making a scrapbook that may never be finished or you can spend an afternoon putting together the perfect “scrapbook wall” to display proudly–no scissors or craft paper needed.


1. They’re a chic way to make your memories shine.


As avid crafters, we love scrapbooks. But over time, they begin to look worn out, especially if viewed time and time again. Gallery walls avoid becoming fragile because of the ease at which they can be transformed.


2. Your walls are always on display.


A scrapbook has a very good chance of getting tucked away while your walls don’t quite have that option. Every time a guest comes over, they’ll be able to admire your adventures without flipping through a book.


3. It takes less time to create a memorable gallery wall than to put together an entire scrapbook.


Putting together an entire scrapbook is one of those projects people love to start but rarely finish since it’s easy to tuck the project away. But if you start a gallery wall to enjoy every day, your turnaround time will be much quicker.


4. A scrapbook wall can hold photos and objects.


That awesome souvenir you picked up on your last adventure isn’t going to fit in a scrapbook but it will add some texture and intrigue to your walls.


5. They can be changed up and added to as time goes by.


The wonderful thing about a gallery wall is that you can always add to it and switch things up. Walls can be dedicated to a particular adventure or they can expand to showcase mementos from multiple trips.


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