5 Reasons You Need Open Shelving

To open shelf, or not to open shelf, that is the question. Here in the office, we’re split on this controversial topic. A few of us can’t help but rave about open shelving’s perks—from having everything you need at arm’s length and displayed proudly to the downright chicness and versatility of it. Others disagree, saying open shelving looks cluttered unless things are bought specifically to be used on it (i.e. all white dishes), defeating any purpose of practicality.


For those who struggle to keep clutter at bay, open shelving is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it encourages tidiness and since the shelves are easily accessible, putting things away is a breeze and finding what you need in a hurry is even easier. Though it might be difficult to hide a messy shelf when you just don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to organize it, the perks of open shelving far outweigh the negatives. Here are five reasons you need open shelving in your life:
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1.Open shelving saves money.
In the pantry, it lets you clearly see everything in stock to avoid finding any expired surprises far past their prime.


Pantry Shelving


2. Open shelving stops embarrassment.
In the bathroom, keep towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials displayed proudly so that next time a guest is in need of anything, they’ll be able to find it quickly.

Bathroom Shelving


3. Open shelving makes you smarter.
Or, at least, it makes you look smarter. A desk with open shelves filled with books, tools, and desktop essentials gives the illusion that time spent there is productive, even if it’s not.


Desk Shelving


4. Open shelving saves time.
Think about how much time you spend every day opening and closing the kitchen cabinets, trying to figure out what goes where. Open shelving takes care of that problem by making everything seen (but not heard).


Kitchen Shelving


5. Open shelving turns clutter into art.
Spread out around the house, clutter is just that—clutter. But put it all on a wall of open shelving and it magically turns into a piece of art.


Living Room Shelving