5 Homes With Beautiful Outdoor Trash Storage

You won’t hear us using the word “trash” and “elegant” in the same sentence often but that’s exactly what this trash storage is–totally elegant and incredibly practical. If the sight of your gigantic outdoor trash cans makes you cringe, take a peak at these trash can havens that look like anything but a trash receptacle.

1. This trash chute is easy to open and provides some counter space for any outdoor hosting you might do. And if you aren’t much of an outdoor host already, you will be once you create a place to put your garbage cans that hides them away from guests.


2. Devote a closed off area to your trash storage with an oversized door that adds intrigue to the driveway. And since it’s an open top, you can even even leave the door closed while you drop trash in.



3. This beautiful shed houses a special compartment just for trash cans and any other miscellaneous items that you just don’t have a place for, like old paint cans. When the sliding wood door is closed, you’d never even know this area was home to the trash bins.



4. For urban dwellers, this industrial trash cans look like part of the outdoor decor. The corrugated sheets for these can be purchased at any home improvement store but you’ll need a little need wood, metal, or steel to create the frame for your trash can covers.


5. In kitchens, we often see trashcans stowed away under the sink or in a closet. You can do the same thing with industrial-sized bins. All that’s needed is a bigger closet. If keeping the trash outside isn’t an option, opt for a big garage closet to keep your bins.


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