5 Home Decorating Tips from Men With Style

When it comes to making a house a home, these five men know how to do it—and with impeccable, personalized style. Find five tips from men whose style shines through each of their incredible homes.


1.“I don’t think I buy anything that isn’t from a flea market or sidewalk sale. But pretty much everything in here has a story.“- Joseph Becker, curator for SFMOMA, to TRNK


Joseph Becker


2. “Do whatever makes you happy and don’t be afraid of change. Even if you end up changing the paint color two or three times until you find that one color that makes you smile.” – Stephen “Scuba” Clark, designer, to Apartment Therapy




3. “When you’re thinking about drawers that you’ll open and close a million times, don’t skimp.”Oliver Furth, designer and decorator, to Elle Decor




4. “In my homes it’s always the same ingredients: good art, books, gold.” – Giancarlo Giammetti, co-founder of Valentino, to The New York Times




5. “…I’m not the guy walking around with a flashlight, checking to see if there are dings in the wood. I believe a home should be lived in.”Nate Berkus, designer, decorator, host, and home guru, to Architectural Digest