5 Easy Ways to Make it Feel Like Spring at Home

As we bid adieu to winter and say aloha to spring, there are a few quick changes you can make at home to welcome warmer weather with open arms and windows.


1. Switch out your linens.

Take those heavy knit throws and fur blankets and swap them for lighter linens and thinner fabrics that’ll keep you cool next time you cozy up with a good book. Same with throw pillows. Trading in darker and heavier pillows for brighter and lighter alternatives is a subtle change with a big impact.



2. Weed through your winter clothes.


That’s right–your WINTER clothes. Now that the season is changing, so are wardrobes. Go through your winter wardrobe as you pack it up and take out any pieces you didn’t wear this season. It’ll clear up some space in your closet and make it easier to organize.



3. Bring on the plants.


We sound like a broken record here but it’s true! Plants make a space more vibrant and lush just by being there.



4. Clean out your fridge.


During the winter when staying in leads to cooking more, it’s easy to tuck away a bowl of your favorite soup thinking you’ll have it for leftovers and then forget all about. Fast forward a week or two (or eight) and you’ve got a winter’s worth of leftovers and forgotten food to deal with. Clear out all the mess and make room for spring’s fresh produce.



5. Get rid of all the junk in the entryway.


Once you no longer need your heavy coat, boots, and other cold weather gear, move them out of the entry way so that the first thing you see when you walk in the door is a bright and sunny space.