4 Ways to Mix Vintage Art With New Decor

There’s nothing better than the thrill of finding a piece of art you just can’t live without. But figuring out where to put it, especially if it’s a vintage piece, can be tricky. Try these four tips for mixing vintage art with new or existing decor:


1. Pair bold vintage art with neutral accents, including rugs, tables, and lighting fixtures. Letting your art do all the talking allows it to truly breathe life into a room without being overpowered by other design elements. That doesn’t mean the rest of the pieces in the room can’t have style–just that they shouldn’t compete with the artwork!



2. Go big. Vintage art prints can often be found in oversized proportions. Don’t be scared to be bold with the size of your vintage artwork. It’ll make it fresh and new among your existing decor!


3. Mix it with whatever else you’ve got to create an unforgettable gallery wall. The beauty of gallery walls is that they can truly unite a collection of art and serve as the focal point for a room. Blend new and old easily with a statement-making gallery wall.


4. Put it in unexpected places. Incorporate vintage art by spreading it throughout your space. A small vintage piece on the kitchen counter is an unexpected burst of personality!