4 Ways to Get Inspired by Asian Decor Styles

Asian décor is timeless, elegant, and easy to mix with any style. Bring a little Zen to your space with these elements of Asian décor.


1. Natural and neutral hues are not boring.

Natural and neutral hues bring a sense of tranquility by uniting colors.


Lori Levine Interiors, Inc.

2. “Ginger jar blue” is a must.

Ginger jars, like the ones pictured, started the “blue and white” trend way back in the 1600s. It’s just as popular now as it was then.
Ginger Jars

3. Clean lines are a way of life.
Uncluttered, but not necessarily minimalist, spaces give off major tranquil vibes.



4. Small pops of red are the best way to make a statement.

In Asian cultures, red symbolizes happiness and prosperity. Sprinkle it through your home to add a sunny touch.