4 Tips for Decorating in Black & White

Though fall is typically a time when we begin to see more varying shades of beige and brown neutrals, the high contrast combination of black and white is taking center stage. Black and white has been an unstoppable duo since the yin yang symbol was developed and here’s why: the bright white is light and airy while the dark black is mysterious and intriguing. It’s the best of both worlds, as far as home décor goes, and creates a look that can serve as a backdrop for any space or style.


Try these tips to make a black and white color scheme work in your space:


1. Black and White Plus One

To keep more of a monochromatic look, choose one other dark color to blend seamlessly in with the black and white. Navy blue works shockingly well by introducing another element to the scheme without overpowering the black and white base.


Black, White, and Navy Living Room



2. Something Old, Something New
Integrate vintage and rustic pieces in with black and white for a modern look that’s also classic. This bedroom featured on Design*Sponge will make you want to consciously uncolor your own space. Relying heavily on black and white as the base for the room, vintage pieces were also brought in and given a new purpose during the makeover.


Black, White, and Navy Living Room



3. Just the Beginning
Think of black and white as the starting point of a room that can easily be layered with more colors. Try adding colorful, mismatched chairs and other accents to warm up the room. While a room done solely in black and white is a commitment, pops of color can be changed as often as needed and create a totally new look.


Black, White, and Navy Living Room



4. No Pressure
Don’t feel pressured to evenly use black and white. It’s okay to start off the room with more airy white and slowly bring black accents in, whether it’s an entire wall or a striped rug.


Mostly White Living Room



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