4 Tips for Buying Art Online From Great BIG Canvas

Great BIG Canvas makes it easy to transform your bare walls into things of beauty. With more than 600,000 art and photography pieces to choose from, along with a custom bus roll builder, and multiple framing options and mediums for your selected pieces, we’re confident you’ll find your new favorite piece of art on our site. But we also know choosing art can be a daunting process since it’s something you’ll look at each and every day. And then once you find a piece you like, figuring out the size is another challenge. Check out our tips for finding buying your next piece of art online:


1. Ask yourself what you want, not what’s trendy.

Close your eyes and envision the perfect space. What kind of art is in it—a neutral piece or a bright one? A photograph or a piece of art? With Great BIG Canvas, you can shop by best sellers,color, style, artist, or subject. Beyond that you can filter pieces out based on their orientation (whether portrait or landscape) and proportions (square, rectangular, or panoramic). As with many things, it’s best to go with your gut when it comes to buying art. The best piece of wall art is the one you enjoy looking at, even if it’s different than what’s currently trending.

Great BIG Canvas 1


2. Measure the space you want to fill.

Every piece of wall art we offer comes in a variety of sizes so that you can fill any space, no matter what piece of art you choose. But before you click the “Add to Cart” button, measure the space you want to fill and select the piece of art that best fits there. If it’s a huge wall, you may opt for two to three smaller pieces, or a triptych where your selected image is broken into three parts, that you can space out. If you’re not up for selecting multiple pieces, you can always opt for one piece of big wall art.

Great BIG Canvas 2


3. If you’re stuck on what to buy, check out our Ideas page to get some inspiration.

We know it can be overwhelming to pick a piece of wall art. And even more overwhelming to buy it online, sight unseen. That’s why we came up with Great BIG Ideas. We have more than 300 rooms for you to browse, all featuring items you can purchase from our site. We’re constantly adding more rooms for you to view and many images you’ll see were submitted by customers like you.

Great BIG Canvas 3

4. Great BIG Canvas also allows you to become an artist.

With the option to make custom bus rolls, photo-to-canvas art, or personalize your own ABC art, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the wall art we offer. You can list out all the cities you love on a custom bus roll, create art of your last name using the letter art builder, or upload your own photos to print.

Great BIG Canvas 4


Get inspired by our Great BIG Ideas and find your new favorite piece of art from Great BIG Canvas!