4 Kids Wallpaper Picks for a Spring Refresh

There are few things that can transform a room more quickly than a fresh coat of paint….except for temporary wallpaper that’s easy to apply and easy to remove. Since kids grow so much in so little time and their tastes change as quickly as the days go by, temporary wallpaper can be a creative solution to styling their space. Once their interests and hobbies change, you can easily swap out their decor to match. Find kids wallpaper to suit their ever-changing tastes:


1. Playful emoji kids wallpaper

This wallpaper for kids is everything they ever wanted! It’s colorful, got some whimsy, and will bring a smile to their face.


kids wallpaper


2. Cat-inspired neutral wallpaper for kids

There’s no denying the presence of cat power in this neutral removable wallpaper for kids. This pattern interweaves kitty cats with adorable swirls for a finished look that’s as cute as your little one. It’s the purr-fect kids wallpaper for animal lovers!


kids wallpaper


3. Dream-inducing cloudy children’s wallpaper
Let your little ones play and sleep underneath a lovely cloudy sky with this colorful children’s wallpaper. Whether you choose to accent a small space in the nursery or an entire wall, Cloudy Day is a darling way to let your little one’s imagination reach the sky!


kids wallpaper


4. Silly monkey wallpaper for children

It doesn’t get much more bananas than this monkey wallpaper! It’s colorful and cute and perfect for decorating your little one’s space….or you could put it in your dining room for the ultimate kids wallpaper surprise! Maybe they’d even eat all their fruits and veggies.


kids wallpaper


Find temporary kids wallpaper at Canvas On Demand, where each and every design can be customized to fit your unique style!