4 Fetching Ways to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

If you’re fighting a daily battle of making sure your pet is safe and happy while still maintaining a clean home without too many pet eyesores lying around, try these 4 tips to make your space more hospitable for you and your best animal friend.


1. Make their bed a part of your décor by turning space you don’t use into a cozy pet nook.


Under the stairs or dead space beneath awkward areas in the kitchen make perfect nooks for your fur baby. We’re especially into that mini gallery wall in the bottom picture.





2. If there’s no room to create a built-in bed, make one that flows with the rest of your home.


A simple solution is a pet teepee, which is easy to make and provides your dog with the safety and security of a crate without the less-than-darling look of one. And cats always love a good hiding place.


Dog Teepee



3. Allow yourself easy access to their food but make sure they can’t get into it.

If you leave a bag of pet food sitting out, you run a high risk of coming home to a huge mess. Instead, tuck it away in a drawer designated to pet food. It’ll make accessing it easy for you at meal time and will keep your hungry pet out. To make feeding time even easier, store food near where your pet eats.


Pet Food



4. Intentionally add play places for them that differ from where they sleep.


For cats, adding a few skewed shelves make a more subtle scratch and climbing post. For dogs, make sure you section of the boundaries of where they can and can’t play, especially when you’re not home.