4 Bar Decor Looks and How to Get Them

Let’s be honest for a second and just say one thing: bars are excellent places to kick back after a long day at work, to celebrate exciting happenings, or have long conversations with friends and family. It’s even better when you can do all that at home, especially when the bar décor looks even better than the swankiest spot in town. There’s just something about a well styled space that makes drink taste that much better. Check out our four favorite bar décor styles and find art that can help you get the look:


The Look: Midcentury Modern Glam



How to Get it: Midcentury style is all about clean lines, like the bar cart pictured, and geometric shapes, like the wallpaper. To get this look, break up all those geometric lines with a soft piece of black and white circle art that makes ideal bar décor.
 Somer Saults III by Farrell Douglass


The Look:Transitional & Minimal




How to Get it: Transitional rooms bring together a mix of décor styles, including traditional and contemporary touches that work together to create a modern look. To get this bar décor look, opt for a simple piece of chalkboard-inspired art that makes the most of these two styles. Moscow Mule Handlettering by Lily and Val has a touch of color but can be done in black and white for those looking to stay with the minimalist look.


 Moscow Mule Handlettering by Lily and Val


The Look: Vintage-Inspired Traditional


Hollywood Hills Transitional


How to Get it: This traditional space makes the most of simple and elegant pieces, like the clean white bar and the traditional chairs that have a vintage appeal. To mimic the vibe of this bar décor, add a vintage ad to your display, like Monnet’s Cognac. It’s a pop of color that won’t overwhelm a small space.

 Monnet’s Cognac


The Look: Bohemian Contemporary


Project #4


How to Get it: “Bohemian” doesn’t mean toss everything together and see how it looks. Bohemian styles are carefully curated and bring a mixture of items together for an effortless look. This area brings a sleek cabinet with rustic chairs and posh accessories, including a colorful abstract art piece, to create a stunning bar décor look.

 Airport Road