15 Times Athletic Decor Scored Big

Next time you’re on the verge of tossing your athletic gear onto the floor in your garage, think twice. Sports gear can enhance the look of your home when done right and these 15 rooms prove it. From baseballs to surfboards to skis and showshoes, find a place for any sports equipment that comes your way.


1. In small spaces without a ton of storage, look up for more storage space. Even big items, like a surfboard, will fit above the door.



2. This mudroom uses continues the floor tile up one wall since it’s easy to clean, making this mudroom functional and elegant.



3. In this basement bar area, sports paraphenalia provides the perfect gallery wall that expands around the whole room.



4. With an oversized poster for a headboard, a sporty bench beside the bed, and framed athletic numbers, this bedroom is a sportslover’s dream.



5. Only a true sports fan would add a rubber floor at home to make a hockey rink. The clean lines of this rubber floor add a playful touch to the otherwise simple room.



6. When a throw pillow won’t do, use a basketball to decorate.



7. This amazing room pairs vintage athletic event ads with the gear being used in them and the outcome is downright mesmerizing.



8. Ashton Kutcher gave his mom’s basement a makeover to make it a place where both her and her husband could relax. To offset the often bright colors of the jerseys and other gear on the wall, he used a neutral color scheme for the walls and furniture.



9. The rackets pictured here look more like art than sports equipment.



10. For a child’s room, add chalkboard paint to the walls to let them draw out their favorite sports teams of the moment.



11. Use a uniting color, like the neon color of a tennis ball, to bring a room together. In this room, even the pillows mimic the shape and color of a tennis ball.



12. This room has a lot of baseball gear but our favorite piece is the centerpiece on the coffee table. Simply fill a basket up with baseballs for a sporty centerpiece that’s also easy on the eyes.



13. No bike lock? No problem. Just hang your bike up in your home on an empty wall.



14. This fisherman’s wall takes after the sea with a cerulean tile on the bottom half and driftwood-like wood on top.



15. There’s no reason basements can’t be beautiful, too. This small basement room uses all available space with smart custom built-in storage units.