12 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen More Spacious

“Small kitchen” has never been on anybody’s home wishlist but it often comes with the territory of a home or rental. Before you decide to knock down walls to make your kitchen bigger, try these solutions that’ll have you cooking up a storm in no time.


1. Use every inch of storage space.
Those mini-shelves that seemingly make no sense? Use them to store coffee mugs, knick knacks, or your most used spices. Up above your cabinets, keep those wedding gifts you only use on special occasions since climbing a ladder probably isn’t something you want to do every day.


2. Make counter space do double duty.
When you’re whipping up a big meal, counter space is important. But once that big meal is cleaned up, storage space becomes priority. Have both with an island that pairs counter space with storage space.


3. Keep things simple with your color scheme.
In a small space, it’s best to channel your inner minimalist and keep things unfussy. A simple blue and white color scheme keep this kitchen bright and breezy despite its small size.


4. Don’t be alarmed by mini appliances.
When lack of space is an issue in an already small kitchen, you don’t want a gargantuan fridge taking up elbow room. Small appliances like mini fridges can be stored underneath a counter, giving more counter space while mini microwaves will use less of the precious commodity. Not to mention tiny appliances are just plain cute!


5. Add glass cabinets to make the room seem larger.
Because glass cabinets don’t take up visual space, they have a knack for making rooms seem larger. And since you can see where everything is at, it makes finding whatever you’re looking for easy.


6. Pare your kitchen down to the essentials.
Think about what you’ve used in the past month for cooking. Chances are it’s less than a third of all the dinnerware, cooking essentials, and miscellaneous tools you have stored every which way in the kitchen. When kitchen storage becomes scarce, it’s the perfect time to purge what you don’t need. Time spent searching for what you need will be drastically shortened when there’s less to rifle through.


7. Turn an empty wall into storage.
On your next trip to the hardware store, buy cheap towel racks and s-hooks to transform your bare wall into a thing of beauty and storage.


8. Make it cozy with personal touches.
Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it. Add a vase of flowers, cushions for seating, and other small trinkets that turn a small kitchen into your kitchen.


9. Let no window sill go unused.
Small kitchens require a lot of strategy when it comes to storing everything you need. Take to the window and hang a produce basket to keep your fruits and veggies fresher longer while saving some counter space.


10. Add open shelving where it doesn’t exist.
That awkward space above your fridge is the perfect place to put up some shelves for things that won’t fit in the cabinets.


11. Include a table for more counter space.
Whether you have a dining room or not, a tiny kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy a meal and some extra room to prepare meals. Take a look at your room and choose a table that fits the shape of the room. Shotgun kitchens that are long and narrow will work best with a table that’s also long and narrow. Square kitchens will work best with a table that’s square or round.


12. Add some pots and pans to your next #shelfie.
Repurpose a bookshelf to store your pots and pans if the cabinets are full. It’s a functional way to store pots while showing off your good taste in cookware.