10 Ways to Add Patterns and Textures to Your Space

While some of us here in the office are maximalists and others are proclaimed minimalists, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the power of a great pattern. Check out these 10 ways to add a little (or a lot) of pattern to any space.


1.Rugs and carpet


The quickest way to add patterned to your space is to get a rug with some sort of design or an unusual shape or texture. Rugs can be switched out quickly and easily, making this the ideal choice for people who like to switch things up often.


Patterned Rug




2. Staircases


Steps are a sneaky way to integrate a pattern or ten into your space. Add a new pattern for every step or make them all match. Use carpet, paint, or tile to create your own unique staircase.




3. Tile


Tile is a no brainer when it comes to adding pattern. Choose a patterned tile or arrange different types of tiles to create a pattern. Both are timeless and elegant ways to up your pattern game.




4. Bookcases


Bookcases that hold all your knickknacks are a simple way to add some pattern and texture while keeping things organized.





5. Paint


Instead of dealing with pesky wallpaper, try your hand at painting your walls in a pattern. Use a stencil or go freehand for an intentionally imperfect appearance.

Painted Walls 1


Painted Walls 2


6. Tapestries


Tapestries are insanely versatile. Hang them up as art, toss them on your couch or bed, or create a window treatment. Whatever you decide to do, you’ve just added a pattern to your space.




7. Painted floors


If your hardwoods aren’t looking great but it’s not in the budget to replace them, turn them into a blank canvas with a few coats of paint. Bold or subtle, painted floors are a sure way to make a statement.





8. Etched windows


Etched windows can be customized to any design and give some privacy while serving as a sort of art in your space.





One piece of patterned furniture will add a dose of whimsy and depth to your space. If the thought of a giant patterned couch is alarming, go for a more subtle pattern or opt for a chair in lieu of a couch.




10. Ceilings


Don’t forget to look up when trying to add pattern or texture to your space. A patterned ceiling or one with some texture, like paneling or beams, will take your space to the next level in the blink of an eye.