10 Tips for Decorating a Small Space

Living in a small home is an adventure in its own right. From figuring out how to fit all your clothes into a tiny closet and the best way to arrange the furniture so that you don’t trip on it every morning, you learn a lot by living in a small space. Try these 10 tips for making the most out of your tiny home:


1. Use your walls as shelves.


Rainbow Shelf


Whether you rent or own, can create the look of floor to ceiling shelves by installing open shelving (best if you own your space) or by filling up a wall with matching bookcases. Bookcases are especially great if you’re renting because they can be easily customized to fit your needs and won’t leave marks in the wall.


2. Ditch the coffee table.


No Coffee Table


Coffee tables tend to be quite large and can take up quite a bit of valuable room in a small apartment or home. Since their purpose is mainly aesthetic, they are one of the few things you really can live without.


3. But if you must have a coffee table, make sure it serves more than one function.


Trunk Coffee Table


If a coffee table isn’t negotiable in your home, make sure it holds more than just drinks and coasters. A vintage trunk makes the perfect coffee table because it serves double duty as a storage container, too. Keep blankets and anything else that’ll fit inside tucked away until needed.


4. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need, use, or love.


Desk Space


Seriously, stop hoarding things for no reason. If it doesn’t make your life better, get rid of it. In Marie Kondo’s new book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she encourages readers to go through everything they own and ask themselves if it sparks joy. If not, it should be thrown out or donated. It’s a simple question that will help unclutter your space.


5. Stop buying stuff.


Stop Buying Stuff


After decluttering your space, it’s tempting to go out and buy new things to fill it back up. Use simple logic to resist the urge: the more you buy, the more you have to find a place for. Keep purchases to a minimum—and that includes buying storage materials because even storage materials take up room. Make the most out of what you have to save both money and space.


6. Make oversized art the focal point.


Oversized Art


A big piece of art opens a room and makes it appear much larger than it really is. That’s not to say you should throw out all your current pieces, just don’t make them the centerpiece of the room. A lot of smaller frames tend to break a room up, which isn’t ideal for a small space.


7. Let no inch of storage go unused.


Stop Buying Stuff


Don’t be limited to storing things only in the room they’re used in. If you have extra room in your kitchen cabinets, there’s no rule that says you can’t store your summer clothes there in the summer time. And don’t forget to look up for more storage—adding a shelf above the door frame solves two problems: it adds storage and creates warmth in the room.


8. Invite light in by avoiding curtains and window treatments.


Natural Light


Natural light makes a room feel bigger, so avoid blocking it out with thick curtains or window treatments. If curtains are a necessity, find some that are thick enough to provide privacy but light enough to still let light in.


9. Use things in untraditional ways.


Bar Cart Shelf


Get creative with what you have and turn it into what you need. If you have a bookshelf but not enough books to fill it, turn it into a bar cart to open up some space in the kitchen cabinets. Make a list of things you need and create them out of what you already own. This might take time and effort but it’ll make your small space truly unique.


10. Keep lots of plants on deck at all times.




Small homes and apartments have a way of feeling closed in sometimes. To combat that, keep indoor plants and fresh flowers spread around your humble abode. Succulents and cacti tend to have the easiest upkeep and last the longest.


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