10 Office Decorating Life Hacks

Since you spend as much time in the office as you do at home, and sometimes even more, make it a space you’ll enjoy for 8 hours each day. Try these tips to make your office a stylish and productive work environment.


1. Keep your space clean, whether it’s a cubicle or a roomy corner office.


The biggest and most handy piece of advice for office decorating? Keep it clean and uncluttered. A clean office will always be in style, so make sure you toss all those old documents that you’ll never look at again. If you share a desk or workspace, it’s especially necessary to periodically declutter.


Clean Desk 1

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Clean Desk2

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2. Make room for others.


Just because your office is your own doesn’t mean you can’t make it an inviting place for important discussions with coworkers. Regardless of your career, there will be times when you need to have more than a passing conversation with a coworker. Most offices have a conference room but in the event yours doesn’t, be sure to have a setup that allows for visitors. An extra office chair will do the trick but a comfy couch or chair is ideal if you have the space.


Make Room 1

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Make Room 2

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Make Room 3

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Make Room 4

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3. Set up your desk for maximum productivity.


Some people get distracted by the window, others are more distracted by people watching. Figure out what your weakness is and find a way to avoid it and decorate around it.


Desk Set Up

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4. Get inspired by your décor.


No matter what field you work in, chances are there’s something that motivates you every day to keep going. Whether it’s a piece of art, a family trinket, or photograph, display it proudly where you work.


Hang A Canvas With Leather Straps


Industrial Chic Desk


5. Choose sensible furniture.


If you need an enormous desk, by all means, get it. But if you can be just as productive at a smaller desk, go for that. It’ll take up less space and leave more room for changing things up.


Sensible Desk

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Sensible Desk 2

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6. Rearrange your setup from time to time.


The best way to avoid clutter and keep your mind fresh at work is to rearrange every few months. A new look in your office might be just what you need to get a new perspective on your job and find ways to work smarter.



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Rearrange 2

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7. Create a comfortable spot by bringing some home décor flair to work.


Pillows, throws, and flowers instantly warm up a space and add a level of comfort to what could be an otherwise sterile environment. You want to feel comfortable in your office, not like you’re in a waiting room.


Comfortable Spot

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8. Brighten up the room.


If you work in a space that doesn’t have much natural light, fake it with a lamp or a colorful canvas print. Darker areas tend to feel smaller and closed in. By brightening the office up, you’ll have more visual room to work with.


Bathed in Light


9. Ditch what you “need” on your desk.


It’s easy to think that you need a stapler, scissors, a bounty of pens, a stack of notepads, and a number of other things sitting on your desk. You don’t. Stow away those items in your desk drawer to keep your workspace clear, uncluttered, and stylish.


Ditch It

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Ditch It 2

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10. Develop an organization system and stick with it.


If you have a wall full of shelves, have some fun and create a look that’s your own. Shelfies are big right now and the office is the perfect place to get creative since there is a lot of stuff to store and things you simply can’t get rid of. Invest your time and energy into creating an organization system that works and you’ll be surprised at how much it elevates your space.



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