10 Nightstands that Pack a Lot of Bedroom Punch

It’s the last thing you see as you fall asleep and the first thing you see when waking up. Take a tip from these 10 nightstands and turn yours into something more than a phone dock. When it comes to home decor, it’s the little things—like your nightstand—that do wonders for a room.


1. Clean and simple


Use space above the nightstand to store books and trinkets. You’ll keep your nightstand from becoming a cluttered mess and still keep the things you need close by.



2. Monochrome bliss


Keep everything in the same color family and you’ll have a well-styled nightstand in no time. And never forget the value of a junk drawer right beside your bed to catch all the clutter you don’t want to wake up to.



3. Modern eclectic


This patterned nightstand keeps a few curated trinkets visible but has lots of storage space to organize everything else.



4. Double duty


When you live in a small space, let your desk double as a nightstand. it’s a polished way to make your furniture do all the extra work while saving room for other necessities.



5. Well-styled maximalist


When cutting the bedside clutter isn’t an option, style it up with a tiered nightstand that lets you see everything. Organized chaos can be a beautiful thing.



6. Mismatching pair


There’s no rule that double nightstands have to match. Sleep in sync with nightstands that match in style but not necessarily in design. It adds a level of intrigue to any room.



7. Modern industrial


Mount your nightstand to the wall to keep your floor clear and save even more space by suspending night lights from the ceiling. This simple design is an incredible way to infuse modern design into an industrial space.



8. Glam posh


The perfect symmetry of these matching nightstands makes the room feel put together without looking too matchy-matchy.



9. Shared chic


For kids rooms that require a shared nightstand, opt for a wide one with space for two lamps and ample hidden storage.



10. Mirrored and mod


When in doubt, go for a classic nightstand look for two with matching tables that can hold not only your lamp and nighttime reading materials, but also has room for a vase of flowers and a picture or two to make it cozy.



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