10 Dog Print Photo Ideas

Throw your dog a bone with these playful ideas for getting your pet’s photo on canvas. If your furry friend just isn’t represented enough in your home’s decor, an easy way to make their presence known is by having your favorite pictures of your pet printed on canvas. We know you’ve got a million pictures of your pet on your phone–you might as well turn those memories into fun wall art you can enjoy all year round.
Get inspired by these dog prints and pet photos! To create your own, all you have to do is upload your image (or images…it’s okay if you can’t pick just one) to Canvas On Demand and they’ll take care of the rest.

1. Assuming your pup loves it, bath time is the perfect time to snap an adorable photo.

Canvas Prints 1

2. It’s never a bad idea to take a selfie with your pet during leisurely walks or visits to the park!

Canvas Prints 2

3. Capture sweet moments of your little ones, including your dog, enjoying each other.

Canvas Prints 3

4. Keep your family front and center by going with complementary canvas prints, including an adorable dog moment, above the sofa.

Canvas Prints 4

5. Whether you have a professional photographer or just a cell phone, you can capture meaningful moments in your everyday life that includes walks on the beach or impromptu front yard snuggles!

Canvas Prints 5

6. There’s nothing more adorable to hang on your wall than dog prints featuring puppies and their best friends! Pair pictures for a fun look.

Canvas Prints 6

7. Candid photos often capture your family and pets being their most true selves. Don’t be afraid to use these photos to make incredible dog prints to enjoy all year round.

Canvas Prints 7

8. Cuddly and cute photos of your kids and pets will always look amazing in your home or office! We love the idea of pairing dog prints with family portraits to hang above the couch.

Canvas Prints 8

9. Show off hilarious moments between all your furry friends with photos like this! It’s an adorable conversation starter.

Canvas Prints 9

10. Keep your cozy color scheme in tact with photos that match your decor. Whether you use a filter or the lighting works out just right, these dog prints look like art!

Canvas Prints 10


Visit Canvas On Demand to turn your photos into dog prints and adorable wall art! Don’t have any dogs of your own? Great BIG Canvas’ Dog Prints collection can help!