10 Creative Ways to Decorate With Removable Wallpaper

Renters and homeowners rejoice! There’s a new way to personalize the walls of your home and it doesn’t require a can of paint or a lot of patience. With removable wallpaper, you can quickly and easily change things up without any special tools. With just a few minutes, applying removable wallpaper can transform any room or space, big or small. Get inspired by these creative ways to decorate with the décor industry’s new favorite thing:


1. Put it on the ceiling.

On those nights where you just can’t get to sleep, at least you’ll have a picturesque ceiling to stare at.


2. Contrast two wallpapers for a cool-meets-eccentric vibe.

Stripes and florals are 2016’s power couple. Together, they can do anything—including making one incredible wall.



3. Make over a medicine cabinet.

If you’re still a little weary of wallpaper, consider this the perfect project for you. Add a little intrigue to a medicine cabinet by lining it with your favorite design.


Medicine Cabinet

4. Spruce up a staircase by adding wallpaper.

And use different patters if you’re looking to add even more drama to the staircase.


5. Help the fireplace stand out.

Use wallpaper to cover the area around a fireplace and make it even more of a statement.




6. Make a standard bookcase more colorful with wallpaper lining.

Turn any bookcase into a work of art by adding wallpaper to the back.



7. Turn your bar seating area into a swanky spot.
A little wallpaper goes a long way in some spaces, like underneath the bar area of your kitchen. There’s nothing better than a well-dressed kitchen, especially if you love to cook.



8. Stun guests (in a good way) with a bold wallpapered entryway that leads up the stairs.
First impressions are the most important and a bold wallpaper is a great way to greet guests.


9. Enjoy folding the laundry with wallpaper.
You’ll be happy to do another load of laundry in a room this cheerful.


10. Make your nightstands pop with removable wallpaper.

Add a little intrigue to the bedroom with strips of wallpaper behind the nightstand. It’s a quick and easy update that adds a lot of impact.