10 Creative Things to Turn Into Canvas Prints

When decorating a home, the most important part, and sometimes the trickiest, is turning it into a personal haven where you can relax with your favorite things. It’s easy to head out to a store, pick up a pretty painting and bring it home but if it doesn’t mean anything to you, chances are it’ll get tossed out sooner than later. To create a space you’ll love for years to come, personalize it with what you love by turning unconventional things and photographs into canvas prints for your home.


1. The first love letter your spouse ever sent


Whether it’s a sticky note or a long profession, the first love letter is always sentimental and sweet. Hang it in the bedroom or dining room for a constant reminder of the start of something good.


Love Letter

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2. Art by your kids


Let’s face it, kids make a lot of stuff and sometimes it’s difficult to find a way to display that mobile made from seashells and macaroni but if you take a picture of it and have it printed on canvas, it becomes a piece of art and your child will feel like a true artist.



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3. A photo of your first front door, next to a picture of the whole house


Turn a picture of your first home and a closeup shot of your house numbers into a wall display that turns memories into art. Another idea is to scan the envelope of the first piece of mail you received at your first home, junk mail excluded, and create a canvas to go along with the house number and picture.


First Home

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4. A doodle from a childhood notebook


Museums are filled with letters, documents, and drawings from artists that are turned into displays. Take a tip from your favorite gallery and turn old letters, doodles, or drawings into canvas prints. It could be a collage of notes left in a childhood lunchbox or a piece of notebook paper with a game of MASH scrawled on it from middle or high school that you can’t seem to throw away. Sometimes it’s okay to live in the past and reminders like this help create a home.



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5. Vintage photos


Vintage photos are cool. Period. They’re classic, sometimes hilarious (if funny hairstyles are involved), and always go with any space. Dig out those pictures from the attic and find some to enlarge. Old family photographs or simple shots that you like will do wonders to warm up your space.


Vintage Photos

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6. Collections


A trend in art right now is organized still life paintings and pictures. Create your own by snapping a picture of a meaningful collection to display in your home. If you relish the days spent in the tool shed with your dad, take a picture of the work area and have it printed in a sepia tone to create a piece that’s not only nostalgic but also looks good on the wall. You could also create a canvas using a picture of your child’s trophies. They won’t forget their achievements and you’ll have a lot less dusting to do–it’s a win-win.



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7. A handwritten recipe


If there’s a recipe you use often, or even one you don’t, keep it in plain sight for any time you need to whip something up. Kitchens often go unnoticed in the décor department since function is incredibly important when it comes to cooking. Displaying recipes is not only practical, but a good way to remember the recipes you cherish most, like ones from family members who were known for making good meals.



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8. A view


Some rooms have better views than others. If there’s a view from your past that has sentimental value, make it a part of your space by getting a canvas print of it. Especially good for areas with few windows, you’ll never tire of looking out the window, even if that window is a canvas print.


A View

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9. Oversized items


Some beloved things are entirely too big or fragile to keep at home, especially if you have kids or pets, and often end up in storage. Take pictures of those items and turn them into canvas prints that will adorn the walls of your home. Whether it’s an old antique chest from generations past or simply a bicycle you have nowhere to park, turn it into a piece of art.


Oversized Items

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10. A program or guestbook


Couples are using canvases as guestbooks at their wedding, which sparked a trend that’s here to stay. Take it one step further and have your wedding invitation or program printed on canvas to hang with the guestbook. It’ll be a little reminder of your special day. This goes for any sort of party or gathering



photo by Kayla Coleman for Surround Yourself Magazine