10 Clever DIY Alternative Window Treatments

Curtains and all the fixings that go with them can be expensive and choosing the perfect set of curtains, drapes, hardware, and more can be downright exhausting. If you’re tired of trying to pick out the perfect combination, try these window treatment alternatives.


1. Use an old rolling map to cover your window.


Old projector screens and vintage rollup maps from thrift shops (and even discards from schools) make the perfect window treatment. Since these types of maps are becoming a thing of the past, they’re fairly easy to find in thrift shops.



2. Create blinds out of open shelving.


Filter the light flowing through your window by adding some shelves in front.




3. Allow holes of light in with a dotted window covering.


The picture below is of a special type of shade but this could be easily emulated with stained wood with circles cut out of it. This is a genius design that allows light to pour in, but not too much light.



4. Frost the window for privacy and a softer light.


Use glass frosting spray (better for homeowners) or frosting contact paper (better for renters since it’s removeable) to give yourself some privacy while still letting light pour in through your windows.


Frosted Pattern Privacy Glass DIY


5. Put art in front of the window.


Give your art a glow by placing it in front of a window. It’s an easy way to provide a little more privacy without sacrificing any natural light.



6. Fake a set of blinds (or cover the ones you have) with washi tape.


Washi tape your way to blissful, cheap window treatment heaven by adding colorful tape to your blinds or windows. This renter-friendly DIY is simple to change up from season to season and leaves no residue behind.


Washi Tape Blinds


7. Break the mold by painting the moulding around the window.


The bigger the contrast between the moulding and wall colors, the less likely guests are to realize there aren’t any curtains there!




8. Put shelves around the window to make it a centerpiece that needs no other treatment.


Make the window look like a work of art by adding shelves around it that serve to accent the window instead of cover it up.



9. Cover the top of your window with a DIY valance box.


If you’re starting from scratch, all you’ll need is foam or wood for the base of your valance. If you already have a box, you’ll only need fabric to cover it. Making a window valance box is a cheap (less than $10 if you’re thrifty) and easy to way to take your windows up a knotch.


DIY Spotted Window Vance


10. Create your own modern stained glass design.


Fake the look of this chic and modern stained glass with adhesives or make do with what you have at home with this tutorial that uses only tissue paper and a glue stick. Bonus points for each of these being easy to remove, making them renter-friendly.


DIY Stained Glass