Year of the Sheep Art

The Chinese New Year, which began on February 19th, marked the start of the Year of the Sheep. According to zodiac experts, the sheep symbolize promise and prosperity. Whether you’re into zodiac signs or not, this adorable collection of sheep art will make your space more playful.


1. “Suffolk Ewe” by Marion Rose



2. “Sheepish” by Sydney Edmunds



3. “Counting Sheep #2″ by Char Davis



4. “Domestic Sheep, Italy” by Konrad Wothe from National Geographic



5. “Best Friends – Sheep” by Chariklia Zarris



6. “Big Horn Sheep” by Wendy Relf



7. “Yellow Sheep Multilingual Poster” by Naxart Studio



8. “Shepherd’s Delight” by Scott Pat



9. “Wool Scarf” by Indre Bankauskaite



10. “One Happy Cloud” by Budi Satria Kwan