Tiger Art You’ll Wild For

You’ll go wild for these tiger prints of photography and some of our favorite tiger art picks. Whether you’re trying to create a regal atmosphere, enjoy a bohemian look, or simply adore majestic tigers, these tiger art picks are meant for you!

1. Close View of Tiger Eye, Madhav National Park, India by Michael Nichols for National Geographic

Tiger Art 1

2. Bengal Tiger by Mark Adlington

Tiger Art 2

3. A Sumatran tiger cub rests on his mother’s huge paw, Victoria, Australia by Jason Edwards for National Geographic

Tiger Art 3

4. Tiger Reflections by Michael Creese

Tiger Art 4

5. White Tiger Face Portrait by Rachel Stribbling

Tiger Art 5

6. Tiger Pool by Jan Patrik Krasny

Tiger Art 6

7. Porto Pitters-Vintage Liquor Advertisement by Vintage Apple Collection

Tiger Art 7

8. Tiger Barcode by Michael Tompsett

Tiger Art 8

9. Miller Park Zoo, Bloomington, Illinois by Joel Sartore from National Geographic

Tiger Art 9

10. Baby Tiger by Holli Conger

Tiger Art 10


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