The Return of Pink Floyd

Rock music never forgets. There is always a chord or lyric that takes you back to a place you may have forgotten. This month Pink Floyd released The Endless River, and we all get to enjoy how fun it is to remember. The album is very much a tribute to keyboardist Richard “Rick” Wright, who passed away in 2008. Wright’s contribution comes from studio recordings the band made in 1994. However the album is still considered to sound like a 21st century Pink Floyd record.
Vocalist and guitarist David Gilmour believes that finishing this piece of work was about “playing in a way we had done, but had forgotten we did.” He believes the final collaboration of himself, drummer Nick Mason, and Wright has “successfully commandeered the best of what there is. “ What better way to remember a friend and to remind the world of a different time in rock music?

Along with the music, there is also a return to Pink Floyd’s versatile sense of style. The promo video for Louder Than Words shows is perfectly set in fantasy palette of colors they have been famous for since Dark Side of the Moon. The rest of the frames are full of black and white video that reminds viewers of the young group from 1968 and the friendship of the mature musicians as they recorded in 1994 to today.

The music and sights of Pink Floyd are full of inspiration that can be used everywhere. Take a look at some Pink Floyd Art below and head over to our Pinterest Board for a collection of Pink Floyd inspired images!

Pink Floyd 1972

Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii

Pink Floyd 1972