Staff Picks: 16 of Our Favorite Canvas Art Pieces

Here at the office, we’re really fortunate to be able to work with hundreds of incredible artists and see their jaw-dropping works of art. From photographers to mixed media creators to classic artists and all that’s in between, there’s a type and style of art for anybody. Today, some of the staff are sharing their favorite pieces from our site.


1. Doors Open by Colin Thompson

“I love this because it’s an illustration buffet for the eyes. The piece is segmented out into seemingly isolated stories but the longer you look at the work you can see that they bleed into one another and combine into new/more complex stories. It’s well done and can bring some fun into a room.” – Emily, Graphic Designer


Doors Open by Colin Thompson


2. House of Blues by Erin Ashley


“I love the colors and textures in this abstract image by Erin Ashley.”- Nichole, Customer Service Manager


 House of Blues by Erin Ashley

3. American Industry by Rob Dobi
“Great art is meant to provoke and to question. Is this piece stating that our country is unwavering or is it stating that our country is growing tired? This piece can be interpreted in any number of ways and will affect each person who views it differently. Artwork that makes you stop and ponder its meaning – that is great art – and this is a perfect representation of that. “ –Matt, Senior Marketing Manager


 American Industry by Rob Dobi

4 & 5. Zombieland by Matt Owen and Fox Double Exposure Wildlife Art by Circle Art Group

“I’m a huge movie buff and have always been intrigued by the minimalist movie posters we have on Imagekind. I really like the movie Zombieland and how the artist was able to incorporate a part of the movie into the title for the poster. It’s very clever!” – Michelle, Marketing Coordinator

 Zombieland by Matt Owen


“I did a woodland theme for my son’s room so anything with a fox I’m pretty much obsessed with! I really like this piece cause of the double exposure on the animal and also the geometric shapes behind it. Just very cool looking!”


 Fox Double Exposure Wildlife Art by Circle Art Group

6. In the Field, 1872 by Mikhail Konstantinovich Klodt


“Looking at this painting it seems like there isn’t a whole lot going on, but that’s one of the reasons I love it so much.” -Chris, Content Specialist


 Zombieland by Matt Owen

7. Bad Seed by Rob Dobi

“I remember seeing this piece a long time ago and thinking it was so interesting. I think his art is really imaginative in how he translates common sayings and phrases into a very literal meaning.” – Keith, Marketing Specialist

 Bad Seed by Rob Dobi

8. Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh

“I have always liked Van Gogh’s Night Cafe ever since I was in school. My favorite thing is the choice of colors foremost, but I also enjoy the fact that there is a story there. I can imagine myself sitting at that café eating on a calm night in the early 1900s.” – Jonathan, Systems Engineer


Van Gogh Canvas Print

9. Seahorse Batik by Paul Brent


“I am a scuba diver and I love all undersea creatures. My favorite is the seahorse. They are hard to find, and I seem to have a knack for locating them. I love this image because it is colorful, whimsical, and takes me underwater…my happy place. This piece adds a pop of color to my room without being overbearing. The ‘old world’ patterns mixed in to the background adds style and grounds the print.” –Sheila, Production Manager


 Seahorse Batik by Paul Brent

10 & 11. The Outback from Orbit by Chris Hadfield and Sputnik by Justin Van Genderen


“I loved this picture the first time I saw it, which was as a tweet Col.Hadfield sent from the International Space Station (ISS). His caption was,’Tonight’s finale: Australia. Jackson Pollock would have been even further inspired by seeing the Outback from orbit.’ Col.Hadfield’s photography, much like his personality, is a blend of science and art. ISS orbits the earth at over five miles per second (17,150 mile per hour) while cosmic radiation (primarily gamma rays) is constantly working to damage camera sensor pixels. In short, you need to have a serious technical mind to shoot good photos from space. To capture unique and artistic photos such as this one, you also need to also have an artistic eye.


We are extremely fortunate that Col.Hadfield has allowed us to print his photos and have a collection on Great BIG Canvas. In my mind, it is the ultimate expression of science and art working together to make something magical.” – Gavin, EVP Art Division


 The outback from Orbit by Chris Hadfield


“In keeping with a space theme, I think that Justin VG has some of the coolest art available. He is a master of minimalist style. His Cosmonaut collection pays homage to the pioneers of space travel.”


 Sputnik by Justin Van Genderen

12. Bora, Bora by Amira Rahim


“My current favorite piece from GBC is Amira Rahim’s “Bora, Bora”. It’s dark and moody, yet so vibrant and fun. I originally ran across Amira Rahim’s work on Instagram and have been hooked ever since.”-Hannah, Social Media & Content Marketing Manager


 Bora, Bora by Amira Rahim

13, 14, & 15. Succulent Garden I, Succulent Garden II, and Succulent Garden III by Wild Apple Portfolio

“I love pastel colors and I also love plants! Unfortunately, I don’t get much sunlight in my house so I’ll have to live with this adorable series of succulents and pretend they’re real!” –Kathryn, Commercial Account Manager


 Succulent Garden I by Wild Apple Portfolio


 Succulent Garden II by Wild Apple Portfolio


 Succulent Garden III by Wild Apple Portfolio


16. The Mountain by Ron Parker

“I’ve always been a mountain girl and I love this landscape, especially the shadows on the snow and the brightness of the blue sky. The artist perfectly captured how quiet yet immense mountains are.” -Laetitia, Content Specialist

 The Mountain by Ron Parker