Pro Aaron Moore and 6 Ways to Beat the Heat When Shooting Weddings

Based in Columbia, South Carolina, pro wedding and headshots photographer Aaron Moore makes up one half of Joshua Aaron Photography and spends many weekends snapping photos at weddings. But in the summertime, getting the perfect shot can be a massive undertaking when the sun is shining bright and the heat is almost unbearable. Find out how to stay cool and take beautiful pictures, even in the summer heat.


It’s hot and let’s face it, no one can change anything about it. As much as you might try and convince yourself that you’re glistening–not sweating–the sun and your body say differently. Summer months can be difficult when shooting weddings, especially in the south. Brides want beautiful outdoor photos, and the timeline doesn’t always play off of the coolest or prettiest times of day since the does set at 9, you know. While you can’t make the temperature go down, here are some strategies to help you beat the heat and keep your wedding party happy and smiling the whole time.


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1. Put on the most important piece of clothing you have…a smile.

No really. If you can keep a smile on your face and stay positive, your bridal party will be more inclined to listen and keep in good spirits. Let them know you are all in this together.

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2. Keep things fair when dressing for wedding days.

I know this sounds crazy, but I think it helps if you don’t dress down for weddings when you know it’s going to be brutally hot. Dress up! Don’t kill yourself, but if you’re a girl, maybe go for something with sleeves. Guys put on that button down and a tie. You heard me. Dressing the part even when it’s hot lets your bridal party know you mean business and you’re going to suffer with them.


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3. Build in extra time for breaks.

Timelines are tight as is, but if you can plan to do a little more at the start of the day and come earlier, do it. If you charge by the hour consider coming early at no charge. It will make your job easier and your clients will love you for it. This way you can let the bride and her girls cool off for a minute before starting more photos with them. I promise they will appreciate being able to take breaks throughout the photos.


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4. Talk to your group and explain your game plan while you’re still in the comforts of air conditioning.

Don’t wait until everyone is outside sweating for you to tell them what you are going to be doing. Be smart and make a plan.

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5. Have cooler, will travel.

Regardless of the temperature, we always bring a cooler filled with water on wedding days. If we know it’s going to be crazy hot, that cooler gets bigger and we add drinks for the bride, groom, and a few others just in case. The last thing you want is an angry mob jealously staring at you while you wash down a juicy Gatorade. Learn to share. They will sing your praises.

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6. Know the limits of your clients.

If they are starting to wilt like a wildflower in the desert, call it quits. A great strategy is taking fewer pictures directly following the ceremony to get them to the reception quicker and later taking a little time out of the reception once the sun goes down. Not having that blaring ball of fire makings things more tolerable. Also, be choosy on locations. Look for shade, overhanging trees, or anything to stand under. That shelter will also give you some great light for nice portraits.

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So my fellow warriors of the weather, get out there, be smart, and make decisions that will make you and your clients happier!


Thanks, Aaron! Be sure to check out Joshua Aaron Photography for more inspired ideas.