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Prisma is sweeping the nation, or at least our camera rolls, with its innovative technology that turns photos into works of art that rival those found in museums by well-known artists, including van Gogh, and pieces of art, like The Great Wave. Making it even more genius, Prisma’s easy-to-use interface makes transforming your photos as simple as uploading, cropping as needed, and selecting one of their 33 filter options.
With Canvas On Demand, you can turn your Prisma masterpiece into wall art for your home. Follow these steps to create your own canvas from your Prisma photo:




First Things First: Create A Prisma Masterpiece

1. Get the app. Available from the Apple App Store or on Google Play, downloading is a cinch. It’s free and it’s fun…what more could you ask for?




2. Open the app and click on the cog in the upper right hand corner to open Prisma’s settings. From here, you can do a few things. Once you’ve got the settings to your liking, click done.

  • Opt to have all your original photos saved as is. Selecting this means you’ll be able to see both your original photo and the edited one afterwards. If you don’t turn this feature on, you’ll only be able to access the edited photo.
  • Opt to save works automatically. Selecting this means any edits you make will be automatically saved to your camera roll.
  • Opt to have a watermark or logo. Turning off the watermark means your photos will be saved without Prisma’s logo on them.
  • Recommend a style for future filters. If there’s an artist you can’t get enough of, you can submit them to be considered for new filters.


    3. Select a photo from your camera roll or take a new picture. Prisma defaults to taking a new picture within the app but you can access pictures you’ve already got by swiping up from the bottom of your phone where it says “photos.”
     Image Upload


    4. Crop the photo however you like. You can rotate the photo zoom in or out. Once that’s settled, click “Next” in the upper right corner.
    Photo Crop


    5. Select a filter. Pick a filter from the bottom of your screen and let the app transform your picture. Each rendering takes a few seconds, so be patient!




    6. Adjust the filter intensity by sliding your finger across the screen. Right gives high intensity, left goes lower.


    7. Save and share your photo. Underneath the picture and above the filter options, you’ll see four buttons each with specific purposes. From left to right:

  • The Instagram and Facebook icons let you share your image on—you guessed it—Instagram and Facebook.
  • The 3rd button from the left saves the image to your camera roll.
  • The far button on the right lets you text or email your photo, or share it on other media sites.
    Save and Share


    Getting a Prisma Print from Canvas On Demand

    8. Visit Canvas On Demand. Select “Print My Photo On Canvas.” Enter our current promo code found at the top of the page and click “Next.”
    9. Pick a size and upload your image. We recommend a square 16”x16” canvas or smaller for your photo to ensure the quality looks good when printed.
    10. Check out and wait for your Prisma canvas print to arrive! It’ll come ready to hang, so you can enjoy your Prisma canvas from Canvas On Demand as soon as you open it!