5 Ways to Be More Comfortable on Camera

Some people are scared of heights, some are terrified of spiders, others are petrified of public speaking. But another thing that’s been proven to fill people with fear is having their picture taken. As soon as the camera comes out, it’s easy to cower away to avoid the chance of an unflattering photo being captured forever.

However, we’re challenging you to do something different next time the camera comes out—EMBRACE IT! Photos are meaningful ways of remembering the past, from quick photos snapped on a cell phone to scheduled photo shoots with a photographer on your wedding day. Next time a camera comes out, try these five ways to be more comfortable in front of it.




1. Think about something that makes you laugh.
It can be your favorite gif, a scene from a movie or tv show, something funny your coworker said, or anything else that makes you crack a smile whenever you think of it. This not only works for photos taken at big events like weddings, but also for quick daily photos you snap on your phone.

2. Wear something you feel good in.
If you’re wearing something you don’t love or feel confident in, it will show in your pictures. Whether you’re getting married or taking family photos, take time to pick out something to wear that makes you feel attractive and that allows you to move comfortably. Days where you’re having your picture taken are not the days to try and squeeze back into your favorite high school pants or wearing your favorite (incredibly high) heels…unless you feel like a million bucks in them.

3. Don’t worry too much about posing.
Photographers are pros at capturing beautiful moments. Even if you feel completely awkward on camera, know your photographer is taking way more photos than you’ll ever see and will only keep the ones where you look your best.
4. Have a healthy meal beforehand.
If you know you have your photo taken, stay away from fried or heavy foods beforehand. Eat a lighter option that won’t weigh you down and avoid salty foods that cause water weight gain.

5. Trust your photographer.
If you feel tense around your photographer, it will show up in your photos. Even the best photoediting skills in the world can’t make you look happy if you’re not. Take the time to talk with your photographer ahead of time and get to know their process for taking photos. Voice your concerns and your hopes for the session before getting started. For less formal photos, like group shots at a small gathering, tell whoever is taking the photo to snap a few extra photos to ensure there’s at least one good one.


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