One Coloring Canvas, Five Ways

Canvas on Demand recently unveiled a fun new product called Coloring Canvas. Many of us here in the office can’t get enough of the adult coloring book trend and Coloring Canvas takes it one step further. Now coloring is more than a way to relieve stress and step away from screens—it’s a way to create art for your walls, no artistic skill required.


To prove how different each canvas can be, five of us decided to put our own spin on a single design and we’re thrilled with how each turned out. Find the original design and tips from our team for making your own Coloring Canvas shine.


The uncolored original:




Our versions:


1. “I like to explore using color in unexpected ways. It guarantees your canvas will be unique!” -Laetitia, Content Specialist


Laetitia’s Canvas


2. “It’s ok to color outside the lines.” -Emily, Graphic Designer


Emily’s Canvas


3. “When it seems intimidating, just remember that it isn’t.” -Chris, Content Specialist


Chris’s Canvas


4. “Use complementary colors.” -Ashley, Graphic Designer


Ashley’s Canvas


5. “Make your canvas more playful by personalizing the background.” -Courtney, Copywriter


Courtney’s Canvas


Other stuff we learned:

– Take your time! These are made to be fun, so don’t rush when coloring.


– Nobody will notice if you make a mistake. The canvases are detailed, so a stray mark outside the lines will be glossed over.


– Add even more personality by adding your own illustrations, text, or hand lettering to the background.


– Don’t be afraid to leave some white space on your canvas to allow other colors pop.


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