Mother’s Day 2015 Art Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for the leading lady in your life is tricky. If both you and your mom are tired of the chocolates and flowers routine, now’s the time to branch out and give her something meaningful that will last for years to come. Check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide to find a piece of art any mother would be proud to show off:


1. Summer Award Winners by Marilyn Hageman


Summer Award Winners


2. Good Things are Going to Happen by Michael Mullan


Good Things are Going to Happen


3. Under the Midnight Blues by Colin Bootman


Under the Midnight Blues


4. Mama Pose Light Blue by Mamasana Art


Mama Pose Light Blue


5. Java Pose Orange by Mamasana Art


Java Pose Orange


6. Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt


Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer


7. Gilded Paris by Moira Hershey


Gilded Paris


8. Mom’s Rules Chalkboard by Louise Carey


Mom’s Rules Chalkboard


9. American Dream II by Mo Mullan


American Dream II


10. Anemones by the Lake by Silvia Vassileva


Anemones by the Lake


11. Labrador Coffee Co. by Ryan Fowler


Labrador Coffee Co.


12. Pressed Flowers II by Patricia Pinto


Pressed Flowers II


13. Pods, Buds, and Flowers by Priska Wettstein


Pods, Buds, and Flowers


14. Abstract Art by Julie Chapman


Abstract Art


15. At the Diner IV by Julia Gilmore


At the Diner IV


16. Whip It Good by Kate Lillyson


Whip It Good


17. How We Roll by Anderson Design Group


How We Roll


18. Wine Talk-Grow Old With Me by Joy Hall


Wine Talk-Grow Old With Me


19. Coastal Drive by Brent Lynch


Coastal Drive


20. Her Children Call Her Blessed by Brianna Lock


Her Children Call Her Blessed


21. I Love Vacation Retro Poster by Anderson Design Group
 I Love Vacation Retro Poster


22. Mothers Who Know by Holly Stadler
 Mothers Who Know


23. Mom’s Kitchen by Estera Kecek
 Mom’s Kitchen


24. Love Quad by Anahi DeCanio
 Love Quad


25. Vintage Floral Collage—Like a Boss by Kate Lillyson
 Like a Boss


26. Morning in Paris, 2000 by Martin Decent
Morning in Paris, 2000


27. Seaside Story by Steve Henderson
Seaside Story


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