Luck of the Irish Art: 10 Pieces for St. Patrick’s Day

Whether you live in Ireland or not, Saint Patrick’s Day is an annual celebration of Irish art, history, and culture. Check out these art pieces, inspired by Ireland or created by Irish artists, that can turn any space into a magical, Gaelic wonderland:


1. “Warrenpoint, visit Ireland, Vintage Poster”


Though the green is minimal in this vintage travel poster, it’s bursting with color and makes us long for a trip to the Irish coast.


Warrenpoint, visit Ireland, Vintage Poster


2. “Dublin Air Balloon” by Naxart Studio


You’ll be daydreaming about an Irish vacation after seeing this colorful rendition of the Dublin skyline.

Dublin Air Balloon


3.”Irish Weather” by Pierre Leclerc


There’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing a rainbow and hoping to discover a pot of gold at the end. This photograph showcases a beautiful rainbow alongside the traditional Irish fog that often hangs over the country.



4. “Irish Tape II” by Charles McMullen


In Ireland’s classic green, this abstract piece is the perfect addition to any space in need of sprucing up.


5. “Puffin Hole at Kilkee, County Clare, Ireland” by William Henry Bartlett


See Ireland’s natural beauty shine through in this dramatic piece.



6.”little luck” by Priska Wettstein


Give your kitchen a cup of good luck with this piece featuring a traditional four-leaf clover.



7. “Ireland Eire City Text Map” by Michael Tompsett


Give your kitchen a cup of good luck with this piece featuring a traditional four-leaf clover.



8.”Ireland, Roscommon. Close-up of sign on Holly Tree pub” by Dennis Flaherty


Sometimes all you need is a vintage poster of Ireland’s most famous product, Guinness Beer, to make you forget about your troubles.



9.”Irish Terrier” by Sean O’Daniels


And what’s better than Guinness? A cute Irish terrier enjoying a pint of it.



10.”Ireland, Galway, Galway, Swans in the river” by Maurizio Rellini


This serene scene captures everyday life in Galway where swans lounge near the docks.