Landscapes, Celebrities, and More: The Art of David Lloyd Glover

Artist David Lloyd Glover grew up in British Columbia, surrounded by English-style gardens that you can now see proudly in his paintings. Whether he’s painting celebrities, watercolor landscapes, or abstracts, his flair for color and dedication to each piece shines through. Find out more about his extensive career in the creative community.

Surround Yourself: Your work spans across several different styles—from abstracts to detailed landscapes to sketches of beloved icons. What drew you to create such a wide variety of artwork?


David Lloyd Glover: It would be the number of years I have been painting. It goes back to working as in illustrator in the 1960s until now. I like to explore different artistic ways of expressions which is indicated by the wide range of subjects and styles you see of my work on Imagekind.


 A Lakeside Bench


SY: Tell us about the first job you ever had. How did that inspire you to become an artist?

DLG: My first job out of high school was as an editorial illustrator. I worked for a major daily paper and created 5 illustrations a week including a caricature for the Sunday Book section…great training for diversity of subject, style and also producing on a strict deadline. The paper came out every day with or without your piece of art, so you had to get it done and submitted before they put the issue to bed.


 Promise of Spring


SY: What’s been the most surreal moment of your career?

DLG: That would be my incredible experience of exhibiting in Japan during their economic bubble. You couldn’t imagine selling so many original paintings in just a few hours. This went on year after year until their art market completely changed.


 Blue Miles


SY: What’s next for you and your artwork?

DLG: I have been writing books on my art techniques and color usage for one of the large “How To” book publishers. I thought it was time to share some of my tips and secrets I have developed over the years to art students and hobby painters. In the books I demonstrate how easy it is to create good paintings that you can sell.


 Salmon Trawler At Sunrise


SY: What’s the best compliment you’ve received about your work?

DLG: I have had many compliments from fellow artists about techniques I employ and that is always welcome to get positive feedback. I think the nicest compliments I have had are from those collectors who say to the the art has been a very important element in their emotional health. Some collectors have overcome serious health issues and found solace and inspiration in many of my works. They have hung the art in rooms where they convalesce and experienced recovery with the help of my art.


 Porsche 911 Racing


SY: You started out in Victoria, British Columbia but are now based out of California. How does the art scene in those two places compare?

DLG: I worked for a number of years in Vancouver as a painter. There was a fairly vibrant art scene during the 1980’s.Victoria does not have a huge art community, after all its a small city. The most famous artist was Emily Carr, probably followed by Fenwick Lansdowne I was discovered by a gallery in Los Angeles and for a year shipped my art to their locations for exhibiting and sale. Eventually they suggested that I spend a good portion of a year close to their gallery to attend exhibitions and art fairs. Working in Los Angeles really opened up my exposure internationally. Probably much more quickly that I could have done from British Columbia. There was no internet back then so you had to have a physical presence more than you need today.


 The Kitchen Patio


SY: Is there a type of art you enjoy creating the most?

DLG: I enjoy working on impressionist landscapes with lots of mood and color. Capturing natural scenics is rewarding.


 Homage to Monet


SY: Of your Imagekind collection, is there a particular piece that you’re most proud of?

DLG: Actually, I have no personal favorites in my collection. I suppose my next painting I am working on is my new favorite, until it’s finished though.


 Le Consulate Montmarte


SY: What do you hope viewers see when they look at your artwork?

DLG: As I always maintain, a photograph mostly captures the facts of a scene. An artist paints the same scene and puts in the emotion. I hope that a viewer is reached on an emotional level when they respond to my works.




SY: What do you surround yourself with?

DLG: Music has been a big part of my life. I am not a musician but my creative heroes are the great composers and gifted players.


 Howlin’ Wolf


SY: Anything else we should know about you?


DLG: In my case, I have been a working professional artist. So rather than simply painting for enjoyment, I go beyond the creative experience and treat my art production as a key element in my career. Although I have created original works that number in the thousands, you must create a market for your work. Imagekind is one of the services I use to reach out to large audiences.


 Slow Clouds


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