Happy Birthday, Mr. Presidents: 10 Presidential Art Picks

President’s Day might be placed strategically between Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays but it’s a day to celebrate both the past and present US Presidents. Check out these pieces honoring some of the country’s most beloved Commanders-in-Chief.


1.George Washington


George Washington


The nation’s first President never looked more regal than he does in watercolor.


2. Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson was known for being tough and this painting shows it with one stern expression.


3. Abraham Lincoln


Abe Lincoln


Though he died half a century before the Works Progress Administration was founded, Abraham Lincoln’s face was used in posters like this to promote the agency that helped millions of people find jobs.


4. Theodore Teddy Roosevelt


Teddy Roosevelt


Teddy Roosevelt had a long career in the White House, first serving as vice president before leading the nation for 8 years. Known as much for his boldness as his political career, he also enjoyed time as a cattle rancher.


5. William Howard Taft




Born in Ohio, Taft is the only person to have served the US as Chief Justice and President.


6. Franklin D. Roosevelt


FDR Poster


Franklin D. Roosevelt or FDR, as he was more commonly called, was a proud father of six who dedicated much of his time in office to strengthening the American military.


7. Vintage election poster for Dwight Eisenhower




Eisenhower’s election was a special one in that he did no personal campaigning. Supporters started the “We Like Ike” campaign, which earned him a spot as President in 1952 when he won the election by a landslide.


8. John F. Kennedy 4U by Peter Artboook


JFK Pop Art


Though he served just three years as President before his death, JFK and his family made a longlasting impression on America that continues today. At the same time, Andy Warhol was developing his iconic Pop Art that continues to be in style, as shown by this modern rendition of a popular JFK portrait done in Warhol-esque form.


9. Ronald Reagan, spokesperson for GE Theater by WorldWide Archive




From Hollywood to the White House, actor-turned-President Ronald Reagan knew how to work crowds and the camera, which helped him both onscreen as a dramatic actor and as a President.


10. Barack Obama (2008)




Perhaps one of the most iconic designs of the 21st century, Obama’s campaign posters brought together vintage design and modern creativity.