Graduation Gift Guide: 10 Pieces of Art For Your Grad

With high school and college graduations coming up, it’s time to start thinking about what to get those grads who are off to start a new chapter. These 10 pieces of art make the perfect gift no matter what the next adventure is for your achiever.


1.“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” from The Dr. Seuss Collection


This is an obvious and timeless choice for a recent grad who has the world at their fingertips.


Oh, the Places You'll Go


2.“Chapel Hill, NC: The Southern Part of Heaven” by Alice Feagan


Get them a piece of art that reminds them of where they’re coming from or where they’re going, like this Chapel Hill-inspired piece.


Chapel Hill, NC: The Southern Part of Heaven


3. “Do What You Love” by Kate Lillyson

Remind them to do what makes them happy, no matter what.


Do What You Love


4.“Dreams Take Work” by American Flat


And after you’ve reminded them to do what they love, you can also remind them that success takes a lot of hard work.


Dreams Take Work


5.“Greetings from Louisiana State University Postcard”


A vintage-style post card from their alma mater or future alma mater makes a lovely gift for anybody, and you can find them for nearly any school.


Greetings from Louisiana State University Postcard


6.“The Best is Yet to Come” by Michael Mullan


This happy canvas will remind them that although those 8 am classes might be tough or the jobhunt may last a while, good things are ahead.


The Best is Yet to Come


7. “The Graduate-Vintage Movie Poster”


You’ll surely hear a chuckle when the grad opens their gift and finds this iconic movie poster.


The Best is Yet to Come


8. Custom Bus Roll


Customize a bus roll for the recent grad with their name, graduation date, and a few of their favorite places. You can even customize the colors based on the grad’s favorites or their school colors.


Custom Bus Roll


9. “Should I get Takeout? “ by Stephen Wildish


The only guide they’ll need to be successful is knowing when to order takeout.


Should I Get Takeout?


10. “More Than You Think” by Ana Victoria Calderon


This lovely note of inspiration will keep grads motivated and inspired with every passing day.


More Than You Think


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