Art Gift Guide: Your Best Friend Who Wears Heels to Take Her Dog for a Walk

Your best friend is your lifeline: she’s always there, she’s always ready to listen, and most importantly, she’s always willing to lend you anything from her enviable wardrobe. These five pieces of art are perfect for the woman who refuses to leave the house unless she’s wearing her favorite heels and a little bit of red lipstick, even if it’s just to take the dog for a walk:


1. A piece of abstract art by an up-and-coming artist because it’s bright and bold, just like her.


Unbounded Ecstasy


2. Art inspired by fashion, because she’s got style.




3. An oversized floral print because she can never resist fresh flowers from the farmer’s market.




4. Don’t forget about her furry friend, who completes every outfit.




5. Get sentimental with hand-lettered art that tells her how much you adore her.


Each Other


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