Get the Look: Stylish Driftwood Art and Photography

Whether you’ve got a coastal cottage or a country home, driftwood pieces bring an earthy and stylish addition. Driftwood is created through the weathering process of water, sun, and parts of trees. These driftwood art picks capture the splendor of this natural process, while providing you with the look of driftwood without the hassle of finding it or getting it home!

1. Driftwood and Rocks II by Circle Capture

Driftwood Art 1

2. Slipping Sand by Victor Collector

Driftwood Art 2

3. Sanibel Sunrise by Dennis Goodman

Driftwood Art 3

4. Driftwood, Jekyll Island, Georgia

Driftwood Art 4

5. Driftwood Seascape by Michael Creese

Driftwood Art 5

6. Banff, Alberta, Canada, Driftwood and a Mountain River at Sunset by Darren Greenwood

Driftwood Art 6

7. Cuba Fuerte Collection-Wooden Turtle on a Beach by Philippe Huggonard

Driftwood Art 7

8. Baker Dam Afterglow

Driftwood Art 8


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